Testimonials About Charles K. Seavey

Charles K. Seavey, Attorney at Law, and the Seavey Law Group want you to make informed choices about your legal representation. We proudly serve you with testimonials written by our clients themselves.

I have not met anyone in any industry that surpasses Charles Seavey in terms of clarity of thought. But ironically he is also an unusually passionate fighter. Having him in your corner is a bit like being represented by a cross of Albert Einstein and Muhammad Ali. – Steven Clarke-Martin, Founder, Media Relevance, Inc.

I would like to express our sincerest gratitude for the financial advisory services that you rendered to us in connection with the acquisition of AimTV… for approximately $22 million. Your advice, analytical expertise and negotiating skills were invaluable in laying the groundwork for an efficient transaction and in enabling us to receive the best possible value for our company. – Mike Balducci, Co-Founder & Chief Financial Officer, AimTV, Inc.

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